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How to delete Facebook account permanently without waiting 30 days

How to delete Facebook account permanently without waiting 30 days

If you’ve ever tried deleting your Facebook account, then you might know that it takes 30 days to completely vanish from the site. Previously, it used to be 14 days but now they’ve changed it into 30 days. But deleting Facebook account without waiting for 30 days is much easier than you think!

Method 1: By violating Facebook’s community standards

Facebook temporarily or permanently disables your account when you violate their terms and conditions, depending on the severeness of the term you violated. One of the easy methods to get rid of Facebook account is by violating a term which results in your account being permanently disabled.

Updating your profile picture as Bin Laden’s photo violates Facebook’s Terms so your account will be terminated on the spot.

Edit: Since Facebook doesn’t want people to get off their site so easily, they don’t terminate your account in the first try. They just remove the picture. But when you upload the picture again, your account will be terminated for sure.

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Method 2) Random Password:

This method requires some hard work. Firstly, remove all of your recovery options on Facebook. Then, use a random password generator and generate a very strong password. Write the password down in a piece of paper and then set it as your Facebook password. Now, proceed towards deleting your account. After you have placed your account for deletion, just get rid of that piece of paper. And now, you won’t be able to access your account and it will be deleted automatically!