Codecademy is giving away its pro subscription to students for free

covid-19 Mar 24, 2020

This offer is no longer available. Please visit: Codecademy is giving away its pro subscriptions to people affected by COVID 19

With educational institutions closing rapidly due to the coronavirus outbreak, Codecademy is giving away its pro subscription for free. This unlocks all the courses listed on the site.

“Our hope is that, while educational institutions are trying to catch up to remote learning, we can provide a service that helps fill the gaps and perhaps expose millions of students to a skill that will be helpful to their future”, said co-founder and CEO of Codecademy, Zach Sims.

How do I claim the scholarship?

Well, it’s easy! First, go to Codecademy’s learn-from-home page. There, you’ll see a Join Pro button. Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to a sign-up page, where’ll you’ll need to provide your student email and set a password. And that’s all. You now have access to Codecademy Pro for free. Here’s the complete catalog of the courses they provide: Codecademy Full Catalog.

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What if I don’t have a .edu email?

Even if you don’t have a .edu email, you can create a free Codecademy account and fill up this form and send them any verification document such as your school ID card.

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