Skillshare is giving away their pro subscription for free for 2 months, no credit card required

covid-19 May 4, 2020

Are you bored staying at home, playing games all day? Well, it's time to skill up! There has been no better time (well, at least for me) to learn skill which I had always wanted to, but didn't have enough time for. Moreover, it was not just about time, it was also about finding good resources for free.

Due to the pandemic, many companies are giving away their paid plans for free, and Skillshare is one of them. You may say "But they always gave 2 months of free trial, I have seen their ads a million times by now!". But wait, this is something cooler than that. You don't require a credit card to sign up this time! Great, right? So let me show you how you can redeem this offer. First, I'll go through the process for students, and then for non-students.

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For Students

If you are a student and have a valid .edu or .k12 email id, it is a matter of minutes before you have your account created. Just head over to and enter your student email id. You'll then receive an email with a link, with which you can sign up and get 2 free months of Skillshare. If you do not have a student email id, you can follow the steps for non-students and get your account created!

For Non-Students

If you are not a student, you'll have to fill up a simple form explaing how the pandemic is affecting you, and how you plan to use the platform for your benefit, and the world's benefit. For that, head over to (NOT AN AFFILIATE LINK) and fill up the form. You'll soon be mailed and informed if your application was approved or rejected.

If you want to learn more about these offers, click here.