More than 150,000 Vianet users' data breached online

Data Breach Apr 8, 2020

Vianet, one of Nepal’s top ISPs, has experienced a massive data breach, compromising the data of over 150,000 users.

The dump was made on the deep web and Pastebin and the links were posted by a Twitter user who goes by the name ‘नरपिचस’. The dump contains the username, name, address, phone number, and the email id of users.

The tweet was made on the 8th of April at noon. The links from Pastebin dump has stopped working now.

This user goes a step forward by mocking Mr.Mugger, who is responsible for Foodmandu’s data breach about a month ago.

Twitter has ‘temporarily restricted’ the account ‘because there has been some unusual activity from the account’.

Here’s the official statement issued by Vianet regarding the breach.


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